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ART Judaica (for the continuity of Jewish tradition) was established in 1989, in the exotic Neve Tzedek neighborhood, which is located near the sea front, and is one of the first neighborhoods of Tel Aviv. ART Judaica’s name says it all: art and folk craft.

ART Judaica has set itself the goal of serving the traditional and religious Jewish sector in Israel and worldwide, to enable every Jew to purchase Judaica items at reasonable prices. ART Judaica personnel devote the majority of their days and nights to designing, creating and marketing an enormous variety of over 2,000 items, all registered models, which will draw Jews wherever they are closer to tradition. I am certain that as you browse through this site, you will find many items that “speak” to you, especially because we are the designing, creating and marketing source of all the items you will see. We are continuing and will continue to replenish the bottomless well that is Jewish Art. Day and night we diligently initiate the creation of innovative and original products which refresh the market, and we solemnly promise you - that is what we shall always do.

Gabriel Eckstein

1. General

1.1 Purchasing via the site (hereinafter - “ART”) is subject to the terms set forth in these Regulations. Purchasing via the site constitutes your acceptance of the terms contained in these Regulations, which constitute a contract between the customer and ART. The use of the masculine gender is for the sake of convenience only and refers to both masculine and feminine.

1.2 Persons over 18 years of age, who possess a valid credit card and an active checking account and/or have an electronic mail address have the right to make use of the site and to purchase the products offered for sale by ART.

1.3 The products will be ordered and supplied as provided in these Regulations. ART reserves the right to alter the provisions of these Regulations from time to time at its exclusive discretion.

1.4 All intellectual property rights in the products sold on the site, in the images and/or in all content on this site belong solely to ART Judaica Ltd. None of the aforesaid content may be copied, reproduced, distributed, published and/or used in any way unless ART has given its written consent thereto. Anyone violating the intellectual property rights of ART shall be sued and shall bear all damage and remedies available to ART under the law, including legal costs and lawyers’ fees.
1.5. ART reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Use from time to time at its sole discretion, without any prior notice. The customer who uses the site will not have any claims against ART in respect of such update and / or change.

2. Ordering Products

2.1 A broad range of products is offered for sale on the site.

2.2 Although we do our best to ensure that the products displayed on the site will be in stock, the products displayed for sale are sometimes not available. In such case you will receive appropriate notification via your e-mail address or by telephone or by the fact that it is not supplied together with the other products ordered. In such case, we reserve the right to make you an offer to purchase an alternate product of similar character and price, to the extent there is something similar. If you accept our offer, the particulars of your order will be amended. If you decide to refuse, your order will be cancelled and you will not be charged for the product.

2.3 The images of the products displayed on the site are for demonstration purposes only.

2.4 The description of the product is sometimes not accurate/correct for various reasons. We apologize for that in advance. At the same time, we cannot compensate the customer for mistakes in the description of the product, but we can take the product back and credit the customer for the cost thereof. 
2.5 Without prejudice to all of the foregoing, in any case Art shall not bear any damage exceeding the price of the products ordered and paid by the Procurer.

3. The Order Process

3.1 After you have completed the purchasing process, you will receive confirmation thereof by e-mail and/or fax and/or by telephone. This confirmation does not obligate ART to supply the products, it only testifies that the particulars of the purchase have been assimilated in the system.

3.2 Your purchase be considered to have been executed only after completing the examination of the particulars of your credit card and confirmation is received from the credit company to execute the purchase, and/or after payment is effected for the order in full by payment means acceptable to ART and, in addition, the particulars of the order, i.e. quantities and prices, have been approved by ART.

4. Faulty Order

4.1 In order to enable us to supply you with the products you purchased, your offer must be received and entered on the Art Judaica Ltd. site in correct and orderly fashion, including all the particulars required to dispatch the products and to charge you. Various reasons might cause faults and errors in entering and processing your order. If you receive a notice concerning erroneous content in the particulars of your offer, or concerning a malfunction that occurred in the system while entering your offer, we recommend that you apply to Customer Service at telephone number 08-9323999.

4.2 If there are any faults or errors in the description of the product, its price or any other particular, ART shall have the right to cancel your purchase and you shall not be charged any payment for your order.

5. Means of Payment

5.1 Payment may be effected by means of a valid credit card, which can be cleared by one of the credit card companies operating lawfully, and/or by cash and/or checks and/or bank transfer. 
Note: We recommend that you delete checks as a form of payment to avoid repeat checks.

5.2 Upon receiving the product you will be required to identify yourself by means of your identity card as a condition of receiving the product, and you will also be required to sign the credit card payment voucher and/or the shipping document bearing the [product particulars] and the price of the purchase.

6. Privacy

6.1 The personal particulars you give when executing the order, as well as particulars of the purchases made by you will be kept in ART’s data bank and will not be transferred by the company to any other entity.

6.2 ART warrants that the particulars you gave it are intended in order to enable the company to provide you with better service.

6.3 ART devotes resources and takes action to prevent unwanted entry into the site and to thwart any possible compromise to the users’ privacy. At the same time, it is not possible to prevent disruptions altogether. Therefore, you hereby approve that you will have no complaint and/or demand and/or claim against ART due to any compromise and/or malfunctions and/or faults.

7. Delivery of the Products

7.1 The products will be delivered by ART in Israel free of charge for orders over NIS 1,000. Below this amount the shipment will be charged as customary at ART. Shipment of products overseas are in accordance with ART’s procedures, and the charge for the shipment will be reported to the customer when making the order and will be displayed in the order [confirmation] sent to the customer.

7.2 The products will be transported by the standard method customary with ART and its transporters within the “Green Line” and to places accessible to transporters of goods.

7.3 The delivery times with which ART undertakes to comply shall be coordinated with the customer on the date of the order and/or soon thereafter (hereinafter - the “Delivery Times”). Calculation of the Delivery Times will be based on business days, i.e, Sundays to Thursdays, but not on Fridays, the day before religious holidays, Shabbat and the religious holidays themselves. At the same time ART will do its best to deliver earlier, although it does not undertake to do so.

7.4 ART shall not bear any liability for delays in delivering the products as a consequence of events that are not under its control, such as strikes or walkouts, malfunctions of the computer, telephone and/or communication systems, or the electronic mail service, hostile acts and/or force majeure, war, earthquake, weather conditions and the like, events that may disrupt completion of the purchasing process and/or compliance with the Delivery Times.

8. Prices and Payments

8.1 ART reserves the right to alter prices without prior notice. The prices are not advertised on the site in order to protect ART’s customers. In order to obtain the prices, contact the ART representative to get a quotation.

8.2 You will be charged the price of the products, in accordance with the amount of the order, by means of the credit card of which you gave the particulars, and/or by any other means acceptable to ART (cash check in advance, bank transfer in advance, and the like).

8.3 All prices do not include VAT nor do they include the cost of shipment abroad.

8.4 Minimum order for shipment in Israel must be NIS 1,000 before VAT.

8.5 Minimum order to the U.S. is $250 not including shipping costs.

8.6 Anywhere else in the world excluding Israel and the U.S., the minimum order must be $400 not including shipping costs.

9. Canceling a Purchase and Returning Products

9.1 Products may be returned solely with the consent and approval of ART. In order to return the products, contact ART’s Customer Service by phone. After your inquiry has been checked, you will have to return the product to ART’s warehouse at your expense. After you have returned the products to ART’s full satisfaction, you will be credited with the price you paid for them without shipping costs and credit card commission.

9.2 In the case of cancellation of an order and/or purchase as above, you will also be charged cancellation fee at the rate of 5% of the price of the product or NIS 100, whichever is higher for handling fees, whether or not the product has been delivered to you. If the product has been delivered to you, you will also have to pay the cost of returning the product to ART’s warehouse as above.

9.3 In a case where the products you received were not perfect upon receipt, you will not be charged shipping, packing, return or handling costs. Should you receive a defective or imperfect product, ART reserves the right to offer you to exchange the defective product for a good one. If you accept the offer, the new product will be sent to you after the return of the defective one. If you decide to refuse your credit card will not be charged and you will not be charged shipping, packing, return or handling costs. In any event, only ART can determine whether the product is defective at the time of delivery to the customer, at its exclusive discretion.

10. Law and Jurisdiction

Israeli law shall be the sole law to govern purchases on the site and these Regulations. Jurisdiction on any matter or dispute, as the case may be, shall be vested solely in the competent courts in the Tel Aviv District.